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The material for this coffee table comes from a cabinet from the 1960s. The tabletop is a collage of different mahagony veneer panels which were typical for these midcentury furniture. The surface was oiled and combined with a light steel frame.

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350 €

Additional Information

Dimensions 61 x 61 x 37 cm

paint, steel frame, veneered wood, wax


Characteristic signs of usage and slight changes in colour and vein may occur, Made out of recycled, organic material, Surfaces oiled

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One of our main focuses is sustainable design. In times of quickly chancing trends industrial products have a decreasing lifetime. 50 years ago most furniture was a possession of a lifetime which was taken care of and even passed down in the family. High quality and durability were results of a long history of craftsmanship. Unfortunately these furniture types often do not fit into modern rooms, they are too dominant, aged or simply not practicle.

Especially those traditional 30s-60s furniture styles are an inspiring source of material for us. Combining them with modern materials and forms we create sustainable design objects. Through the use of recycled material every item is unique and breathes the air of the spirit and beauty of past times.

Do you have your own furniture which has been passed down in the familiy, full of stories and personal memories? We offer a special service:

New furniture from your family piece

Image: the original cabinet from the 1950s, the material is source to this product